donderdag 30 oktober 2008

My first award!

I got an award from Tammy, she is one of the creators from aussie scraps and such a sweet person :-) Thank you so much for my first award, I am thrilled :-)
Now I have to pass this award along to four wonderful bloggers and telling them why...owkee... that's hard... I am fairly new to the scrappingblogger community so I hope you all will forgive me if I am doing this wrong *story of my life* LOL and if I give it to someone that already got it... I bet I will do that, you all have had so many already... But I will give it a try :-)

*The first one is for Just a girl's designs I love her cute scrapkits and am thrilled she allows me to use them in my designs. Thank you so much!

* The second one is for Krista from rainy days scraps I love working with her cute kits :-)

* Leonie from tattylover :-) Just because she's such a sweet girl and I want to make her happy :-)

*Kimbearly my dear dear friend, just because she needs to know how special she is!!

Huggers Paola

1 opmerking:

Miss Tatty zei

dank je wel meid echt gaaf
nou geloof maar daar ben ik super blij mee
maar hij staat toch ook weer terug voor jou op mijn blog lieverd
want ik vindt gewoon dat je hem verdiend voor alles wat je voor me doet
xxx Leonie