maandag 8 december 2008


whoei!! I got an award from Wendy, how cool is that! And it's such a sweet one too...thank you so much... I love this one, it's nice to know people like your blog :-)

I am passing this Heart blog award too:

1. Leonie from Tattylover. She really is such a sweet and kind person

2. Kim from Kimbearly Blurbs. She just started this blog and she is a sweet and dear friend of mine.

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Angel Wolf zei

Hey Pola,
You have just recieved an award from me. You can find it on my blog at
Congrats and keep up the fantastic work
Angel Wolf

Angel Wolf zei

I apologize I accidently miss spelled your name (my bad). I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Love your tuts always have :)
Angel Wolf